Lamb growth a targeted trait

Our lamb sale strategy is to finish as many of our lambs as possible off mum. This means we are focused on lamb growth rates before and after weaning.  

Growth statistics for the recorded flock are:
Weaning weight (average):
Growth rate: 300g / day
Days to weaning: 100
This is achieved on hills with ewes scanning 180% plus.

Lamb Growth a Paparata Priority

Meat processing companies don't want to kill lambs that yield a carcass of less than 16kg.  If they do, they pay a reduced price.

These lambs were off Te Moata Station and had incredible growth of over 300gm/day.  They were a mixed-sex mob of poll dorset/romney cross lambs. 

These ewes started lambing on the 8th of September 2022.  These lambs were weaned and finished on the hills.  Te Moata is renowned for clover growth.  

This kill sheet is of Paparata romney ram lambs killed on the 17th of January this year.  

Paparata Te Moata station manager Rach Law has been judged Te Kuiti Meat Processors 'Supplier of the Year' 4 times.

She finished with 9,276 lambs at 17.73kgs.

Paparata was judged 'Te Kuiti Meat Processors Supplier Of The Year' 4 times.


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