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Paparata Station is located on the Forgotten World Highway, 50 kms west of Taumarunui.
The 7,100 ha farm is genuine hill country requiring sheep designed for the hills. Paparata established a recorded flock using SIL back in 1983. Sheep are selected for their ability to perform on the Paparata hills.

Features of the flock include:

  • 24 years of FE testing

  • Ewes scanning at 180% plus 

  • Hogget lambing

  • Now FEC testing

  • Lamb growth: Paparata Station has won the Te Kuiti Meat Processors title 'supplier of the year' 4 times. We are currently achieving 300gm / day growth rate.

Lamb Growth Paparata Priority

Meat processors don't want to kill lambs that yield a carcass of less than 16kgs.  If they do,  they pay a reduced price.  Lamb growth has always been a breeding trait Paparata has focused on.  Getting lambs over the 16kg barrier.

This kill sheet is of Paparata romney ram lambs killed on the 19th Jan 2023. The ram was put out with their mothers on the 1st of April. They were not old lambs and were finished on Paparata hill pastures. This shows the high growth rates obtainable from using Paparata genetics.  See the killing sheet in the lamb growth section for growth rates of crossbred lambs.

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